The Meadow

The Iberian pig

The Meadow

The Meadow


The Iberian Pig. The purity of the breed, the breeding, exercise in the freedom of the meadow, the fattening up on mountain grass and cork, holm and gall acorns... These are the source of the Consorcio de Jabugo products, of the unique smell and flavours.

Natural Environment

The Iberian Pig is born and raised in idyllic natural surroundings, the meadow, a man-made Mediterranean ecosystem comprising large open forests of holm and cork oak trees.

The fattening phase in the meadows is between October and March. This period is known as "montanera". During that time, the pig is fed exclusively on acorns and grasses, receiving a diet rich in carbohydrates and healthy fats, oleic acid being the main one, which is so beneficial for their health.

The pig's optimum diet and continuous exercise in the freedom of the meadows decisively contribute to its muscle formation, with a perfect balance between meat and fat needed to form the unique characteristic marbling that distinguishes the organoleptic quality of the meat.

The meadow and the Iberian Pig

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