The Breed

The Iberian pig

The Breed


Pure genetics

We present you with an animal that is unique to the world, an authentic breed raised in idyllic surroundings. The Mediterranean origin of the 100% Iberian pig, its diet of acorns and the privileged conditions of the meadows give it very special characteristics.


It is defined from other species by its short, dark hair, its thin legs and normally black hoofs, its long snout and floppy ears.

But what really defines is a unique physiological characteristic. Their muscles are marbled by "streaks of fat" which give them their exquisite flavour and texture.

Pigs in the meadow 1
Pigs in the meadow 1 Lupa Pigs in the meadow 2 Lupa Pigs in the meadow 3 Lupa

Pigs in the meadow 1

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