The Iberian pig


The acorn

The main dish

The start of the montanera, which is the season in which the pigs roam freely around the mountain, depends on the climate, and especially on the start of the rainfall when the acorns bloom on the Cork, Holm and Gall oak trees. During this time the free range Iberian Pigs feed exclusively on acorns, roots and grass. This diet, together with exercise and the Iberian Pig's genetics, add an unbeatable texture, smell and flavour to all products.

Natural Menu

There are many factors that influence the end result of a good pure-bred Iberian pig. Each of our pigs have been cared for since birth. Following the rearing period, we feed our animals until they reach a suitable weight.

Outdoor exercise in the mountain does the rest, giving our meat a perfect balance.

The mountain diet (grass and acorns) gives the Iberian pork products a an unique flavour and smell that differentiates them from all other cured products.

Pig scavenging for acorns 1
Pig scavenging for acorns 1 Lupa Pig scavenging for acorns 2 Lupa Pig scavenging for acorns 3 Lupa

Pig scavenging for acorns 1

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