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Consorcio de Jabugo produce two main brands of Iberian Pork products, who share marketing and distribution synergies in addition to their positioning as quality referents in the food sector.

Their location makes the drying houses and cellars the ideal place to cure the products in the natural and artisan conditions that add to their unique character.

Together with the cured products, hams, shoulders and sausages, their Iberian pork meats are increasing in demand. From its facilities provide both fresh and packaged products as well as vacuum packaged and frozen products to the national and international markets.

Their international presence has made Consorcio de Jabugo the main ambassador for Iberian pork throughout the world.

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Consorcio de Jabugo
Marques de Aracena, nº 4, 21360, Jabugo, Huelva, Spain
Headquarters and offices
Calle Luis Montoto, nº 107, 4ª Planta, Modulo I, 41007 Sevilla, Spain
T.:(+34) 955 024 694 · F.:(+34) 955 024 695 ·