Tradition and Production

The premise
of our history

The investment in meadows and mountains clearly proves the Consorcio de Jabugo's commitment, with sustainable development and a production model based on traditional forms of livestock management, which benefits a very threatened and vulnerable ecosystem that is essential for obtaining top quality products.

The preparation of the hams, shoulders and sausages follows the traditional Sierra de Huelva method: curing in natural drying houses where the wisdom of the master artisans is applied to every detail.

Preparation of hams and shoulders

Our Ham Artisans lovingly care for and pamper each cut of meat individually, ensuring a high quality end product. This traditional procedure includes four stages:

Salting: The hams and shoulders are laid out in stacks, one on top of the other, four layers high, and are completely covered in coarse, damp sea salt. The time the meat is left in the stacks depends on its weight, quality and structure.

Resting: Following the initial Salting and washing phase, the Resting or Salt balancing period begins, where the salt is distributed over the entire ham and shoulder, from the outside to the inside.

Curing: The hams and shoulders are hung in natural drying rooms. There they begin to sweat out the fat, literally "dripping". In order to optimise the drying, the Ham Artisans adjust the temperature of the cellar in the traditional way, as was done in the olden days, by opening and closing the windows.

Maturing in the cellar: Where time stands still and the pace is slowed until they are fully cured, losing up to 35% of their original weight once they are fully matured. During this stage, the mould and fungal flora on the outside of the ham contribute to its maturation, perfecting its characteristic smell and bouquet

The entire ham production process is on average between 26 and 40 months, and between 18 to 32 months for shoulders, depending on their size.

Salting 1
Cellar 1

Preparation of the sausages

All our sausages are prepared following a careful, traditional process and with an improved recipe, based on the special selection of a supreme quality raw material, seasoned with natural spices and condiments with the unique touch of the master pork experts.

The raw material is a determining factor in the final quality of the sausages prepared at Consorcio de Jabugo. Their genuine meat products and truly luxurious, given the top quality characteristics and raw material, meat and fat of Iberian Pigs, acorn-fed in the mountain.

Black sausage (morcon)
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