The Surroundings


The legend

Jabugo is a synonym of tradition and ritual in the artisan production of Iberian ham. In this town of Sierra de Huelva, with an altitude and micro-climate that enables the hams and shoulders to cure in natural drying houses at the pace of the seasons, is the Consorcio de Jabugo's cellars, where the incomparable smell and the exquisite taste of their Iberian meats are established.

A unique place

Jabugo, cradle of the best Iberian ham. Synonym of tradition and good artisan breed. Here, the most famous hams and shoulders in the world are cured naturally.

At 700 m altitude, with the strong north winds in winter and the gentle summer temperatures. This is where the Consorcio de Jabugo carries out their projects.

With strict quality control throughout the production and preparation process, from the rearing of the pig until the maturing of their traditionally prepared products, with the natural ingredients and traditional art of Sierra de Huelva.

Iberian Pork, salt and selected spices. Curing in natural drying houses, with the cold Sierra air and the slow maturing in cellars.

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Consorcio de Jabugo
Marques de Aracena, nº 4, 21360, Jabugo, Huelva, Spain
Headquarters and offices
Calle Luis Montoto, nº 107, 4ª Planta, Modulo I, 41007 Sevilla, Spain
T.:(+34) 955 024 694 · F.:(+34) 955 024 695 · M.:atencionalcliente@consorciodejabugo.com